What We Ate in Indo

This post almost completely slipped my mind! I guess it’s alright though, since my last post really did make for an appropriate first-post-of-the-new-blog. Also, apologies for my absence… it’s like being busy with job(s) and friends and the occasional yoga session really eats into the blog-writing time or something…

We’ve actually just returned from a wonderful weekend of camping on Haad Yao (where we visited at the end of our trip to Pak Meng back in March), which is only starting to make me feel like I’m falling terribly behind again, so let’s just get this one over and done with…

What we ate in Indonesia (and Kuala Lumpur). Also I’d planned on making this all legit with names, prices, places of dishes, and scores on a 5-star rating system; I am now too lazy to do the necessary research for all items so I’m just going from memory here.

breakfast at sagitarius was included every morning and was always delicious and vegetarian! banana pancakes with honey and coconut on our first morning.

also at sagitarius (our guesthouse. the menu was extensive and comparatively very cheap so we ended up eating here a lot). a potato/feta stuffed pastry and one of their health juices. honey, lime, and turmeric i want to say?

sangria at café havana for wayne’s birthday! so good.

haha… only remembered to take the photo after completely destroying the nice presentation by smearing guac everywhere. veggie burrito at café havana.

spicy grilled mahi mahi with indonesian veggies and prawn crackers at café havana.

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mmmm… veggie burger (and watermelon shake) at clear café, a delicious organic restaurant we’d heard about and were keen to try.

falafel at clear café.

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pumpkin ravioli in a creamy pesto sauce at sagitarius. one of the few disappointing meals of the trip… just a little too bland. however, it has inspired me to attempt my own version. stay tuned to hear how that goes…

wayne had a knack for redeeming my poor food decisions by ordering an extra awesome dish (we’re one of THOSE couples, who almost always split two dishes…). this paella at sagitarius was outstanding.

haha! i guess a brownie sundae was calling our names that night…

bear with me, bear with me… mediterranean stuffed tofu. pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, and baba ganoush inside; melted cheese on top… what’s not to love?! at sagitarius again.

smoked marlin and avocado salad at sagitarius.

(More on Sagitarius Inn) (Oh, and just to defend my claims of being a great speller, I’ll have you know that it really is spelled with one “T”!)

vegetarian potato dish (sorry, i really even looked for this name) at café wayan.

vegetarian nasi campur at café wayan.

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indo’s version of a brown-bag lunch: vegetarian (“vegetarian”? i know the hawkers will say anything to make a sale and it’s hard to tell what’s in it, as it’s all chopped up. but we were starving and at the low, low price of 50 cents we couldn’t say no!) nasi campur on the boat to lombok

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fool me once, shame on… shame on you. fool me… you can’t get fooled again. second (and last) time ordering sub-par pasta in indonesia! not enough sauce and the noodles were overcooked. at dream divers on gili trawangan.

but once again wayne came through in the clutch and ordered something fantastic to make up for it! tuna steak (cooked rare, obviously) with the most delicious sauce, potatoes, and steamed veggies.

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excellent black-pepper squid and veggies at the night market on gili t

another tuna steak at scallywags. unfortunately this one was a bit overcooked. great salad buffet though.

very skimpy portion of calamari at scallywags! wayne’s friends had gone the night before and couldn’t say enough good things about it, but even they were disappointed with the experience the second night. oh well, can’t win them all i suppose.

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a spicy shrimp dish at what (after breaking down and attempting to do some research) i THINK was the anamb café, in gili t’s art market.

seafood fried rice at anamb café. it had been so long since he’d had it!

i was going to say, ‘normally pizza is our first meal in a new place and it took us THIS long to go for it!’ but really… we had pizza our first night and it just didn’t get documented haha. whoops. anyway, pizza on gili t. not sure of the restaurant, but they met our criterion of having a wood oven.

… please don’t act surprised that we always put away two pizzas.

veggie sub at green café, also in the art market of gili t.

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last dinner! salad buffet (and pumpkin soup) at the beach house. not pictured: the grilled mahi mahi and tuna we had, because it didn’t look too appetizing on its own on a giant plate. but it was great!

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onto kuala lumpur! after hours of searching (and only being laughed at when asking if restaurants we passed had any vegetarian food) we came upon a specifically vegetarian indian restaurant! i wish i could tell you where it was, or what, exactly, this dish was. something of the southern indian variety.

the one drawback was that our long search had us arriving at 3 pm. the tandoor is turned off between 2 and 5, which meant no naan bread! heartbreaking. chapatti and a northern indian curry.

our last supper in kuala lumpur: more pizza (“authentic french pizza”?) at flam’s in the golden triangle.

followed up by another pizza. divine!

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And that’s that! Hungry now? Me too. Also, just for the randomness and absurdity of it all, I’ll include that a boy (too young to go to this school, so I’m not sure what he’s doing here) just walked into the office with a plastic bag on his head. He handed a teacher a bag of food, and left the office. No one blinked twice, much less said anything, about the bag on his head. Oh Thailand.