Throwback: Jiaxing Video

So some of you have probable heard murmurings of (or, in the case of some lucky individuals who were invited to pre-screening sessions, even seen) the Great Forty-Three Minute Thung Song Video of lore. And the day will soon be upon us that I commit to exporting the file and getting it on YouTube. And then on le blog.

But first! Two years (and then some) since leaving that other town in that other Asian country I called home for a year, I’ve finally gotten around to posting the video I made about Jiaxing. I guess “started to make about Jiaxing” would be more appropriate phrasing, because after a week or so of dedicated editing while still in China I completely let it fall to the wayside and… never really got back on the horse. But it still has its charms and I’ve still decided to go ahead and share it will you beautiful people. Hopefully it stirs up some good memories for some?

(Oh, and be sure not to miss ol’ Vinny’s dance at 2:15– my personal favorite moment.)