Still teaching. Still traveling. Still attempting to learn Thai. Still cooking. Still gardening. Still tending to the pup. Still telling you all about it.

greetings from ollie, wayne, and angela!


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  1. Hey Angela!

    Im so exited to have found your blog!;)
    Im moving in 3 months or so to Na Bon village
    outside Thung Song! My bf(thai) comes from
    there.. Please if you have time mail me a
    “guide” with some good places in Thung Song.
    Like your favourite hangouts.. coffeshop?
    Bar? Restaurant? Where can meet other
    farangs? I also would be grateful maak
    maak if you could tell me where is good
    to rent a house in Thung Song?

    Best regards/ Sophie

    • Hi Sophie,
      Thanks for stopping by! I know of Nabon; we have to drive through it to get to some of our favorite waterfalls.

      Thung Song isn’t the busiest or most happenin’ place (and I imagine Nabon is even less so) but I must say I’ve enjoyed my time here over the past year-and-a-half. As far as a guide:
      For coffee: There’s a place called Sook Jai across from the big TOPS Daily (a mini-grocery store/convenience store that’s popular here) in the town center that has pretty good iced coffee for 15 baht (50 cents). They also have free wi-fi and a food menu in English. There’s also a place called Easy Coffee near a music shop and our local ‘green’ shop (with some natural and organic products) that also has wi-fi but no food and it’s a bit more expensive. Ko-Pee is a coffee chain throughout Thailand that has cheap-ish coffees, teas, and food but there’s no English menu and the staff are kind of hard to communicate with.

      For food: Our friends O and Vallapa speak very good English and each own a restaurant so we go there pretty frequently. When you come I can put you in touch with some people that would have to show you where O’s is (it’s a hole-in-the-wall that I’m pretty sure has no name. It’s often a central meeting point before we go out and in all reality I think we’ve all probably done far more drinking than eating there), but Vallapa’s place is called Kan-Eng 2 and there’s a full English menu with pictures. Her mother owns a place near the town center called Kan-Eng 1 that also has an English menu. We often go to a place called Mai Thong on weekends because it’s a cool place that always has live (albeit loud) music, but there isn’t an English menu (if your bf’s Thai I guess the English menu doesn’t matter so much for you). For lunch only there’s a quirky place called Som-Tam Dinosaur (and does indeed have 2 enormous brontosauruses outside) next to a river with lots of good traditional Thai dishes.

      Options are relatively limited for going out… there’s a little club in the basement of one of the nice hotels in town called Grand Southern where the music’s almost always pretty awful but good times can still be had. There are some places in the town center (Soi 4 and Richy [or is it Lychee?] Bar) where the music’s better but they can be a bit dodgy… hard drugs and the occasional shooting type ordeal. Personally I’m not a huge fan but every once in a while these too can be fun.

      Weekends tend to be either set aside for going to waterfalls or skipping town for somewhere more interesting. We’re a few short hours by minibus (or even motorbike) from some of the nicer beach provinces in the west, Krabi and Trang, and not so far from the Gulf of Thailand east coast either. The province capital, Nakhon Si Thammarat, is an hour away and there’s a bit more to do (and more Western food in their TOPS!).

      Hope that helps and like I said, let me know if you want me to put you in touch with anyone when you come. I’ll be gone by then but I’ll still have friends in town and they’re pretty nice people:). Hope you have a wonderful time and a great adventure when you do come!

      • Ohh Wow Angela!! This is just what I had in mind and even MORE! Thank you SO MUCH!!;) Before I used to live @ Koh Phangan where my bf have a reggae bar so this will be a change..:) I only know places like Tesco Lotus, KFC(that I dont care for) and some other small mall and a 7/11 from my previous visits to Thung Song so this is perfect!!:)

        Sure I will let u know if I need to be put in touch with someone! I would love to meet some farang women! And offcourse I will follow your blog!

        Once again thank u for making me survive!;)


      • Hi again!
        You have given me so much good info
        already so Im almost shy to ask u for more..
        But there was 1 more thing I need to know
        about and maybe u know.. It was where to
        rent a house or appartment in Thung Song?
        I need a backup if living with the family gets
        to much for me..;)

  2. Hey again, sorry, you’re right, I totally forgot to mention apartments!

    It’s not always that easy to find houses around here, unfortunately… you’ll see many houses that owners are happy to let sit around empty rather than rent, especially to foreigners. Having a Thai person to help you out in this respect will definitely make things easier for you. They’ll almost certainly be unfurnished as well.

    That being said, there are 2 long-stay hotel-type arrangements that people often go for because it does save them the hassle of buying furniture or ending up with more space than they need. They’re called Center Park Mansions and Laung Suan and they’re right in the center of town, which is convenient. It would be a little small for me, living there (and they’re 5000 baht a month, which is what many proper houses cost), but I know many people who’ve gone that route and been really happy.

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