Final Days in Thung Song

Since my diligence has been severely lacking I’ve decided to do one big, low-commentary post as an illustration of moments in our final days in Thung Song. My nostalgia’s kicking in big time! These were some good people, ya heard?

ollie snugglin’ kellie

at chris’ and my birthday dinner, after a failed grouper face

jean’s birthday gift to me: tons of gum to help with my chewing (you can see my jaw’s still funny here). plus david goofin.

cutting the cake, addressed to ‘christy.’

on the way back from nakhon after getting the news that wayne didn’t need to return!

pizza party with wayne’s mom

eating this was a big feat for me. and yes, my shirt says, ‘shut up. my favorite song is playing. MUSTACHE.’

my thai ‘mother,’ who helped me out so nicely in the hospital (her own mother was an amputee in the bed next to me), and her older sister who was also very kind.

chris auditioning for the red light district

david and i rock-starring it up at winwin

(haha, his mic went out and he swiftly had to lean in and grab mine)

saying goodbye to students and teachers

had arranged a lunch with fai, our favorite shopowner. her mother (in yellow) and mother’s friend (in green) were in tow. the first place we wanted to go to was closed. the second place was coincidentally right next to the mother’s friend’s house and they didn’t want to eat there because they went all the time. so… we had to go to gan eng (which is never a bad thing).

on the way to our going-away dinner, when i’d obnoxiously told everyone to make sure they weren’t late, and then doubly obnoxiously showed up late myself. (palm, meet forehead).

at the dinner

haha, our ‘candid’ shot

when (baby) squirrels attack

‘where we goin?!’

stopped by yimyim so peung and her mother could give me a gift. i was told i would be able to use it every day.

they were right!

final night at winwin.

joyce’s rock star shoes

vallapa’s shoes kept going missing. don’t think these were the right ones…

i walked many miles in these little red toms, but the time came to leave them behind.

last family portrait at the house

last dinner at gan eng. i think the girl through the window was supposed to be one of the subjects of this shot but she turned at the last minute.

our down-the-street neighbor, p’kiew (“mr green”) got very excited when we invited him to the dinner, and he showed up in style.


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