Beer Pong’s Thung Song Debut

So all my posts are going to be really behind at this point, but this one’s really really behind. I think it should have preceded my last Tonsai post and somehow went forgotten.

It doesn’t really require a lot of explanation… as there arose a greater population of Americans and South Africans in our town, the Americans began reminiscing about this totally awesome game we used to play in college– er, uni– called “beer pong.” And… basically we had the Saffers at “beer.”

When we realized that Jean had an ideally shaped table (alright, it was a tad short, but that can be fixed by requiring competitors to step back from the edge, you see) the decision really made itself. There was a bit of arm-twisting when it came to the Bounce Rule (and specifically the fact that it can be slapped away), but all in all it resulted in a night full of fun!

While Wayne and I held the table for the first five games in a row, we were soon to be toppled by the Dream Team, aka Chris and Collette who, if my memory serves, held the table for the rest of the night.

As for current Life News (haha aw… this used to be a pretty regular segment when I first started this blog) I made it to Minnesota yesterday and am currently staying with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Another cousin gets married this weekend; I have a trip to Chicago planned in a few weeks; I’m heading to Florida to see my other grandma a week or so after that; and I’ll be back in Virginia for Thanksgiving (which will actually be spent… in North Carolina). Since being home I’ve gone to a good friend’s wedding, had a night out in DC, and headed back to Charlottesville for the UVA Homecomings game and related festivities (though, as it turns out no beer pong).


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