Field Trips with Tapae Students

Okay! So now that all that nasty business is over I can look back on some of the more fun-filled times. The day of and the day before the accident had actually been great; we went on field trips with our students.

oh and these M3 students were cooking one day.

haha, i was like, ‘o! show me what you’re making!’ and it turned out to be just water boiling.

Anyway, Thursday we went to a handcraft center in a small town, the name of which I can’t recall after all this time, just outside of Nakhon Si Thammarat. We then went into Nakhon Si Thammarat so we could drop the rascals off at what sounded like a college fair, and then we skedaddled over to a restaurant that seemed to have the potential to be awesome but in reality ended up being one of the worst meals I had in Thailand! Everything was bland (there’s a chance they were ordering everything not spicy on our behalf, not sure), and it all took forever because one dish in particular took a lot of time to cook. That dish was the ant omelette, which was rife with enormous winged ants and their larvae, which were the size of grains of rice. We gave it the tiniest of tries, you know, just to say we did, but then decided enough was enough. But the trip itself was still fun, and we didn’t have to teach!

crazy kids on the bus. oh yeah. the bus. that was… loud.

workin the loom.

not amused

bas is not cut out for the weaving world.

but this girl knew her stuff.

p’sawat considering giving up teaching.

they also made baskets and purses and the like.

The next day was even more exciting. With the Mattayom 1 students, we went to Krabi for the day. Again, the language barrier makes it so we’re not exactly sure where we were for each stage of the outing; not exactly sure what its purpose was. First we went to some kind of small-scale sustainable farm. They had various animals and were growing edible plants. Wayne’s and my primary function seemed to be to take goofy pictures with the students.

ridin in style

fulfilling his duties nicely

definitely confirmed my new notion that i want to own goats at some point in the near future. for their milk, and also their cuteness. and because the idea of ollie as a ‘goatfox’ (as david and i have termed it) is way too good to pass up.

o hai

Then we headed to the beach for some lunch. We had some most delicious rice cooked by P’Fa’s mother, who lived in the area and came to hang out with us. After telling her over and over how much I loved it and asked how to make it, she informed me that it would be too difficult for me haha! Burnnnnnn…

p’fa’s little niece.

family portrait

clown fish indeed!

At this point we thought the excursion had reached its end and we’d pile back onto the bus for the two-hour journey back to Thung Song. And honestly, we were good and ready for this to be the case. But instead we went to some kind of saddening marine life research center.

huge grouper dwelled in the depths. can you see it in the shadow of the umbrella?

haha, grouper face and grouper!

of course i love seeing turtles, but i’m not sure i loved seeing it there 😦

And then, though we were now really hot and tired and irritable, they had to make a few more pitstops, including at the bronze crab sculpture so we could take a few pictures.

As it turned out these were some of our last experiences with the kids (other than seeing them when we’d stop back by the school for paperwork or logistical reasons, or when they came to visit us in the hospital, as some of them did) and it’s bittersweet looking back on them. But in the end I’m really happy to have gotten to interact with the students in this kind of fun, out-of-school setting. I miss the little guys!


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