Orchids in Chiang Mai

In my post about Day 1 of trekking I mentioned we had an unexpected stop at an Orchid/Butterfly farm along the way. I wouldn’t mark it as the most exciting part of the trekking experience (kinda pales in comparison with waterfalls, elephants, sing-alongs, and rafting, you know?), but it was very aesthetically pleasing and gave definite inspiration to a novice orchid cultivator like your humble narrator. Or, perhaps, not-so-humble, as I’ll include shots of my own recently-bloomed orchids (that were dormant for over a year before coming back! Hooray!).

they take moisture and nutrients from the air! so resourceful.

wait… this isn’t an orchid…

favorite. hey little guy!

in the butterfly portion, where a surprisingly thorough search was required to actually find any butterflies


And as promised… my feeble attempts at orchids in Thung Song:

named ‘mary jo,’ after me mum.

photo courtesy of wayne, who made contributions to my time lapse project while i was gallivanting. thanks schnooks!




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