Chiang Mai Trekking: Day 2

Day 2 of our Mae Tang-region trek in Chiang Mai really brought us to the depths of the jungle. But first, while all the whipper-snappers in the group were getting some early-morning shut-eye, Mom and Dad went off to find some miniature Thai friends.

first in the form of the friendly pig/rooster couple

and then with these 2 rascally studs, whom they proceeded to pump full of chips and soda at the ripe hour of 7 am.

Before we knew it we’d had our breakfast (toast and a boiled egg), given Sak adequate time to make our little parcels of Mama noodles (Thai Ramen) wrapped in banana leaves, and it was time to once again set off.

down the slippery slope to the waterfall

sak, whittling us some chopsticks. i told you this guy was awesome.

reading ‘the jungle’ in the jungle. cool right?!

it’s true, 7/11s really are everywhere in thailand! (though notice this one is only open 23:59 hours per day)

exiting the jungle and on the way to the elephant camp.

That’s right, our second night was spent at an elephant camp. It was a little less lively than the night before (though no less delicious), and I think I ended up heading straight to bed (okay, to read Mockingjay by the light of the “Torch Light” on my little Nokia– its singular special feature) around 9 o’clock at best. And in the morning, there were indeed elephants to behold!


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