A Tale of Two Waterfalls

It’s a bit unbelievable to me, but I’ve now been living in Thung Song for 15 months. At face value, the town seems a bit dull. When I speak to old friends about my temporary home, the question always comes up: “So what is there to… do in your town?” And yeah… we don’t have a cinema. Or a bowling alley. Or even a proper mall (sorry, Sahathai…). Allegedly there’s a driving range somewhere, but we’ve yet to pay it a visit.

We don’t have any of those things, it’s true. But what we do have are waterfalls. If you’ve been with me for awhile I know this isn’t news to you: I’ve already blogged about Klong Chang waterfall, Yong waterfall (our resident national park!), and Plio waterfall over the course of my time here. But we have a whole slew of new friends in town, and the weather’s been great, so the past two Sundays have been designated waterfall days.

First up, another visit to Plio:

so this was an excellent way to start the day… driving along the path, what do we see but an elephant! and what do we see next but two fallen trees (and all their branches) completely obstructing our path. we sat, perplexed, for a moment, wondering just how to handle the situation, when the man gave the elephant a subtle sign. the great beast began to walk into the woods, pulling the trees with him and completely out of our path. though it’s a little sad for me to see elephants in chains, it was difficult not to be totally awestruck by the strength (and intelligence! there was such an obvious bond between the elephant and the man) we’d witnessed.

collette basking at the first level (there are 5 levels at plio waterfall)

usually plio’s all but deserted, but there was a whole cache of little thai boys hanging out at level 2!

and they showed us a new spot from which to jump.

and wouldn’t you believe it? people just started falling from the sky.

chris takes the plunge.

wayne preparing himself.

claire, gettin a bit crazy…

now at level 3. looking (and, in claire’s case, climbing) up to levels 4 and 5.

This past Sunday saw a few of us taking another jaunt to Klong Chang. This one is about 30 minutes away by motorbike, but getting there is half the fun, especially on a blue-skied sunny day like we had. The palms, rubber trees, and stretches of grass are just the most amazing shades of green, and Klong Chang mountain soars up majestically on the periphery for the majority of the journey. Of course, the other half of the fun is actually being at the waterfall, and making one’s way through the jungly paths to reach higher and higher points on the mountain, some with the most breathtaking of views. Not something you generally would think to be doing in a bikini, but how else are you meant to plunge into the roaring stream at a moment’s notice?

the girl in the che shirt and the potbellied, stern-faced boy at your friendly waterfall ice-cream trolley. cute to me.

and wouldn’t you know, people started falling from the sky again.


seems the rocks were hot.

hanneke needs some help.


mating butterflies.

natural waterslide (until he sprained his fingers…)

mountaintop yoga!

jean’s acrobatics.

After we were all waterfall-ed out, we thought a beer and a meal at the Khao Men Viewpoint Resort was just the ticket. We were… almost right.

chris showing just how enthused we were with the meal… spiderwebby cashews, six tiny pieces of calamari, a cucumber salad that was decent but that hadn’t actually been ordered…

the deep fried leaves we were served when we ordered vegetable tempura. ay ay ay. but the beer was good!

saw some guys with sick bikes there! 150K (Baht) for this baby!

sunset journey home


And… as I’m writing I’m actually on Koh Tao (again!), and though I’m much enjoying overhearing Collette and Wayne’s charismatic instructor brief them on EFR, the sun has just come out and I’m going for a swim!


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