The Haps in Thung Song

So maybe I had you worried that this was becoming a boring language blog. (“Becoming?!” they think to themselves…)

Nope! I thought it was high time for a quick update of what’s been going on in Thung Song, as it’s been months since I’ve documented any of the happenings in our dear hamlet. So here you have it, latest headlines from around town. Roll tape.

man drives around with three children on a bike, says baseball caps are appropriate substitutes for helmets.

police get taught by local farang.

yes, his name was pink. i think he only showed up for 1 day.

p’sila and p’tim, supervising.

i’m not sure how effective 5 english lessons per year end up being, but we met some nice fellas anyway.

poker night one of two. yesss that’s my pile of moneys next to henk!

a cat scaled a organizational rack in my office to get food.

ollie got a new bed…

glen has a beautiful atrium in his house.

kellie invited me to the wedding of a friend of the woman who sold her her motorbike. makes sense.

henk got a cat (‘meow-chelangelo!’), lost him, and found him again.

this dog is dying for some chicken.

these two gorgeous coifs got guillotined…

i voted for him to keep this look.

eating it up.

jean’s turn.

Most importantly, we’ve feasted like kings:

balsamic glazed salmon steaks with roasted vegetables and garlic bread. don’t remember the occasion. not sure there was one.

From my friend Jess’s recipe!

black bean burgers… still have yet to perfect these; haven’t got the patties to hold together perfectly yet. but still delish!

Annie’s Eats Patty Recipe

Creations by Kara Bun Recipe 

And one memorable Friday night, we had a big vegetarian/vegan cooking bonanza! I made bread, ricotta, and arugula pesto (essentially the pesto recipe found here, substituting arugula for basil, leaving out the parmesan, and adding a roasted yellow pepper); Collette and Claire made pumpkin soup and vegan chocolate chip cookies, and we had ourselves a right good time doing it!

prepping onions for the soup.

collette and claire’s visiting friend, mattias, from chile. assisting with the cookies!

i still need to get the full recipe from collette. i think to veganize them they just left out the egg and substituted sunflower oil for butter… i can assure you they weren’t missed!

blending up the pesto.

mashing up the soup. (homemade vegetable stock [simmer the leftovers from chopped up veggies, accumulated and frozen til there’s enough, with a bit of salt and strain to make veggie stock. thanks for the tip, girls!] plus pumpkin, onion, and curry powder. boil til the pumpkin’s soft, and puree. so easy and so delicious.)

cookies coming together

ready to blend

too full!

almost ready to have our dessert first.


of course.

Then the very next weekend Collette and Claire had us over for vegan spring rolls. Whoa.

i also attempted a pumpkin dessert that didn’t go as expected (an error with the gelatin substitute, you see). on a good note, i had leftover pumpkin puree and made delicious pumpkin pancakes the next morning!

Attempted Custard Recipe

Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

Alright, sorry for cramming about 10 stories into one but it feels good to have all this behind me. I think I might finally be all caught up… Amazing.


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